Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back on Track!

This is me- trying to keep up my blog. Originally this was supposed to be a fitness blog. This was going to keep me accountable and on track. It may have evolved into something a little different. I'm running, still- and it's been so freaking hot! Every other day we go. I still end up doing intervals of running and walking, but I'm getting there on distance. Two weeks until the 5K! Regardless of how busy "real life" has been and will be over the next few weeks, we are making time every other night to go run.
I must find all this running talk boring, because I don't really find the need to write about it. What I really enjoy writing about is food and cooking!
We have not purchased bread yet! I've been baking more every week. From my previous posts, I was working really hard on a 100% whole wheat bread. It's awesome. One weekend, I made some marble rye after we found a great deal on some rye berries at Dodson's. For a change up, I've made potato bread the past 2 weeks. It's really soft and delicious! Not quite as nutritionally dense as the whole wheat, but it's still natural and doesn't have any unpronounceable ingredients or unnatural preservatives.I love milling my own flour! I made some coffee cake this weekend. Not healthy at all! I'm testing out a cupcake recipe I might try for something. We ended up taking cake over to some family, just so we have a lot less of it in the house. Everything in moderation!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Took a break

I guess I took an unintentional break from blog posting. We have still be running and training for the 5K at the end of August. It's still HOT. I've been baking bread like crazy! We haven't bought any bread at all. I made some potato bread this weekend and it's delicious!

The 5K is getting so close! Hopefully, I'll be able to run the entire thing...but if I can't, I'll run as much as I can and walk the rest. We've been going to the park every other day. Pete's been improving by leaps and bounds. My progress is a little slower. Hey! Progress is progress, right? I have not much to report. I haven't been eating great, but I've still lost a little bit of weight the past two weeks.
There's a ton of stressful stuff going on right now, which makes it extra important to keep up our routine and exercise. I wish I had more to share, especially since I haven't blogged in a few weeks. We've been keeping very busy, but still making time to run. I hope this heat breaks soon! I really think the nasty hot weather is hindering my progress!

Here's a video of my first attempt at 100% Whole wheat bread I milled myself.