Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where to begin

I've been watching what I eat for about a week now. I've done just a little teeny bit of exercise and I'm down .5 pounds. Slightly disappointing, but it's a decent start. It just means I need to make a few more changes for the better.
1. More exercise. In addition to more exercise, I need to stay on task. I did two laps around the neighborhood (1.5 miles) on my bike last night. Then I stopped. It was only 10 minutes and I really should have gone longer. Self-discipline is my biggest weak spot right now. Next time, I have a goal of 4 laps. Hopefully, a specific goal will help me stay on task.
2. Keep counting calories. I am using the "Livestrong" app on my iPhone. It's pretty handy and based on the amount of weight I'd like to lose, it gives me a daily calorie allowance and keeps track of all of the foods I eat, letting me know how many I have left. This is working great and I need to make sure I keep it up.
3. More meals and smaller meals. I often skip breakfast, but starting today I had some non-fat yogurt as soon as I got to work, then some unsweetened applesauce as a mid-morning snack. Hopefully, this will help.

Pete has been SUPER supportive and has joined in with me. He is really motivated, especially on the exercise part. He got me out to some Mountain biking trails. I am in worse shape than I thought. I didn't make it very far. I am excited to try it again, though. It was fun. We have P90x videos to do inside, and I also have Wii Fit. I throughly enjoy Wii Fit, but I don't get a great workout. It's like a mini-workout. P90x is an extreme workout, but I really like it, so I am looking forward to doing that sometimes (more once the summer reaches Oklahoma). Pete has come up with lots of good ideas for exercise. C25k, Mountain biking, Yoga...Maybe changing it up and keeping things interesting will be a good motivator. He even had me watch a great documentary on the Chicago marathon and I loved it.

Since Pete is the cook, he makes dinner most of the time. He has been wonderful all week in making healthier foods and especially helping with the portion control. Yesterday he made some Pad Thai noodles and grilled some shrimp. Yummy! Tonight we will probably "Eat Fresh" with Subway because we are busy. Busy is no excuse for eating poorly.