Sunday, June 20, 2010

Run for your lives!!!

Weigh-in day was slightly disappointing. I gained almost half a pound. That's not terrible, but I've really been on a roll lately and I was hoping for another 2 pound loss. I shouldn't have expected it, because I really ate like crap 3 out of 7 days last week.

Running went really well. I am finally getting into it and enjoying it! The last run of week 5 was a 20 minute run, with no walking. It was tough and I did walk a little bit, but only after the 10 minute mark (which is longer than I've ever run in a single stretch). I think I made it tougher on my legs by trying to hold back and go slow. It isn't my natural stride and cadence, so it felt unnatural and my calves tightened up quickly and without relief. Next time, I just need to go at my natural stride and it should be better on the legs.

Besides just counting calories, I am trying to pay attention to what I am eating. After watching a slew of food documentaries like "Food Inc", "King Corn" and "Killer at Large", we decided to pay closer attention to what is IN the food we eat. We have been to the Health Food Store, but it was pretty overwhelming if you don't know what you are looking for. They carry vegan, gluten-free, diabetic, grass-fed, non-dairy, whole wheat, low carb, name it. Mainly, we are looking for locally grown food with all natural ingredients.
We took a trip to OSU-OKC Farmers Market Saturday morning. It was great! Produce was aplenty and they even had local chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, milk (and milk products like yogurt)! We only purchased some grass-fed beef short ribs and some local raw honey. We will definitely return.

The next best way to know what we are eating is to make it ourselves. So, with some encouragement and advice from a co-worker, I set out to make some delicious wheat sandwich bread. I found a wonderful recipe that I tweaked a little. I substituted some Flax meal for some oil and added some rolled oats and sesame seeds. It came out pretty good, if I say so. There are no unpronounceable ingredients or secret sweeteners, just good old-fashioned bread. It costs about $.50 a loaf, so even if some of it goes bad, it is really cost effective. My next try will be making some sandwich rolls for our turkey burgers. Yum!

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