Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

This week has gone pretty smoothly. Our C25K runs on Sunday and Monday were awesome. I can't wait to start week 2 tonight! I took a break on Tuesday before trying the elliptical Wednesday evening. It kicked my butt- in a good way. I couldn't wait until the weekly weigh-in Saturday, so last night I hopped on the Official Rustin Home Scale (aka Wii Fit) and I'm down 1.8 lbs since Saturday. :)
More importantly, I feel good. I sleep well, wake-up refreshed, have more energy...Counting my calories is a bit of a pain, but at the very least, it makes me very aware of what kind of crap I have been putting in my body, instead of mindlessly eating empty calories. I've been off of sugary soda for over a year! Last summer I lost about 10 pounds (just from quitting soda) then I leveled off. At least I only gained back 1/2 a pound in those 9 months I quit paying attention to diet and exercise. I consider myself lucky.
I have made a real effort to eliminate drinking my calories. That's tough for a lifelong soda drinker. :) Diet Dr. Pepper is now my drink of choice (even though it should be water). My next battle is drinking more water! I drink water everyday, but it needs to be more. Whew! Diet, exercise and water?? Can I do it? Honestly, I don't know but I am going to keep trying.

I also want to thank my awesome husband for being so completely supportive and motivating me!

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