Saturday, May 15, 2010

Still going

Well, I am still going! We are on Week 3 of c25k and we are running strong! I lost 1 pound this week, which was slightly disappointing, but any loss is a good loss! Its pretty good considering I didn't exercise outside of my 3 running days. This just means I need to step up my workouts on the other 4 days of the week. Staying within my daily calorie goal has been really easy.
My next step is to find something that is about the same amount of work as running to do the other days of the week. Nothing sounds like much fun, though. I did my Wii Fit Thursday night, but it barely gets my heart rate up. Maybe I'm not playing the right games. Anyway, I really need 20-30 minutes of exertion most every day. I will probably do the Kenpo X (from the P90X workout videos) one day this week. That's an hour, but I like it. Keep your fingers crossed for me next week! I am actually lighter now than I have been in close to 10 years. It's a little bit sad that I can't tell it in my clothes yet, though. Hopefully, soon!


  1. hi dianna, i also find that wii fit doesn't take much effort to "do". if you do the obstacle course and seriously exaggerate your movements it's a little helpful but certainly not real running or p90x.

    i like cardiox and the plyometrics workouts from p90x but the core synergistics one almost killed me the first few times i tried to do it. watch out for that one...

  2. I like the KenpoX and the CardioX. The CardioX seems to go really fast because they switch gears so often and it's only 45 minutes. I'm totally not up for the Core synergistics...I've done it, but it's pretty painful. :)